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Harvest Class Colors provide named color definitions for use when creating Harvest Classes.

Harvest Class Colors are used for automatically classifying Harvest Quality Vision scans for reporting and quality assurance purposes.

Multiple Harvest Class Colors can also be applied to a single Harvest Class to allow for quick reporting on a range of colors within a class.

Harvest Class Colors are applied such that the lowest score produced is the most likely color match for a given reporting result.

Please Note: Currently harvest class colors are only compared to the total resulting histogram from a Harvest Quality Vision scan; this produces a distance score which indicates the most likely color match.  In the future we will apply the histogram results to each individual fruit and provide the total percentage of the results which matched that class color.

Creating A Harvest Class Color

  1. Click Harvest Classes from the Harvest menu:

  2. Click Harvest Colors from the menu on the left side:

  3. Click the + Add Color button in the upper-right:

  4. Enter the Color Name and Color Description and optionally draw the color histogram:

    1. Color Name: This is the name used in lists and will appear on reports and selections.
    2. Color Description: This is an internal description of this color and is not displayed elsewhere.
    3. Histogram Editor: The histogram editor can be used to specify the desired color balance on the spectrum.  The bar along the bottom displays the spectrum of hues with Red (0 degrees) in the center.  You can click the 'Edit' button to adjust the histogram by drawing where the bottom represents 0% of the desired color and the top represents 100% of the desired color.   The vertical range is expressed in a weighted percentage of that particular color range; when used for reporting the histogram will be normalized so the total color is 100%

      It is not necessary to draw the histogram by hand and the editor is typically only used to make adjustments – see below on how to create a Harvest Class Color directly from a Harvest Quality Vision scan.

  5. Click Save when you are finished.

Creating a Harvest Class Color from an existing Harvest Quality Vision scan

  1. From the Dashboard choose the Harvest menu and then choose Harvest Quality Vision Scans from the drop-down:

  2. Select a scan from the list you would like to use as a source for your color histogram and click the View button beside it:

  3. Once the scan is opened, scroll down to the Color Distribution section of the scan result:

  4. From the menu choose one of the following options:
    1. Copy to Harvest Class Color: This will allow you to pick from a list of Harvest Class Colors currently in the system.  The histogram will be copied into the existing Harvest Class Color and the editor will be opened.
    2. Create new Harvest Class Color: This lets you create a new Harvest Class Color using the histogram from the current scan.  The histogram will be opened in a new record in the Harvest Class Color editor.

  5. Fill in fields and make any desired edits to the histogram:

  6. Click Save to finish.

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