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This step-by-step guide describes how to set up a Zebra ZQ520 mobile printer for field printing using the iOS Mobile App.

If there are issues communicating with the printer after connecting, you can try one or more of the following:

  • Power off the Zebra printer by holding the power button, then power it on again
  • Power off the iOS device and power it on again

Bluetooth Connection

If you haven't yet connected the mobile printer to your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the mobile printer.
  2. On your iOS device, navigate to the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app.
  3. The name of your mobile printer should be in the list of available devices.
    1. If it doesn't have a recognizable name, the printer's name may be its serial number.
    2. If the printer is already paired to another device, you will need to unpair it for it to be discoverable by your device.
    3. You can unpair a device on iOS by tapping the (info) icon next to the name of the mobile printer, and selecting Forget This Device.
  4. Tap the printer's name to attempt to connect.
  5. If a pairing code appears on-screen, tap Ok, then, on the mobile printer, press the checkmark button.
  6. If connection was successful the printer should now appear under the My Devices column.

Configure the printer

If you haven't used your printer before, you may wish to adjust the settings for any printers printing from your device.

  1. Log in to the iOS mobile app on your device.
  2. Tap the Preferences option from the list.
  3. Scroll down to the Field Printing section.
  4. There are some one-time configuration settings that will be automatically applied to any printer. These settings must be switched on to be applied.
    1. Idle timeout: the number of seconds of inactivity before the printer will power off. The default setting is 30 minutes. If you're printing infrequently you can extend this time to avoid having to turn the printer back on each time you need to print.
    2. Media type: the type of label roll in the printer. This is used to detect the size of the label. There are three main types:
      1. Gap - each label has a small gap between them.
      2. Black Mark (or Bar) - each label has a black bar between them.
      3. Journal - no separate labels, usually for receipt paper.
    3. Print mode: the action the printer takes after a label or group of labels has printed. Most types of labels used with the ZQ520 work best with Tear-off. If you're having trouble tearing off labels from your printer, this setting may help.
    4. Darkness: The average darkness of the print. A higher darkness may improve the quality of black-and-white prints.
  5. To confirm that the settings are correct, tap Calibrate printer media.
    1. A list of available printers will appear. If none are connected the list will be empty.
    2. Tap the printer you want to calibrate.
    3. The printer will then feed the roll until it has determined the label size.
  6. To compare settings between printers, you can select Print printer configuration to print a list of the settings for each printer.