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This article describes how to create an inspection template for your quality control inspection events. These templates are created on the Croptracker web portal, and can be used during inspection events from the Croptracker App.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your Croptracker account
  2. From the dashboard navigate to Quality Control in the top menu bar
  3. Select Inspection Templates from the drop down menu

4. Click on the blue + New Inspection Template button


 The first section is the Inspection Template information. Give your template a name, and optionally a description of when the template should be used (ie, Lettuce Packline, Apple QC)

6.  Make sure the status is set to "active"

7. Scroll down to the Inspection Type section and select the type of inspection you are performing. (At this time, the only inspection type is inventory)

8. Enter the default number of specimens for inspection, and the unit. If you inspect variable numbers of bins, plants, or other units, you can leave this blank and fill it in on event creation.

9. The next step is to create your specification groups. Specification groups are a way to categorise defects based on their type. For example, in the image on the right we have created a group for defects associated with picking.  You can add as many groups as needed by hitting the Add a group button at the bottom of the page.

10. Next click on the blue +Add Spec button



11. If you have already created any specifications they can be selected from the dropdown menu. To create a new specification, click + Add New Spec link

12. Enter the name of the defect you will be inspecting for and a description

13. The next field is the Type field. This is where you will begin to build your inspection form. Select the type that best reflects your existing QC process. Here we will add a Grid Checkbox that will allow us to check off the presence of the defect on each individual sample. Optionally, you can add the sample unit here as well.

14. Click on the blue Save button in the top right corner to save this defect specification.

15. Repeat these steps for each defect you want to track - be sure to save each one!

16. Once you have added all of the defects, your spec group is ready for use. Scroll back to the top of the page and hit Save

17. Login to your Croptracker mobile app and select Inspections

18. Press the plus button in the top corner to start a new inspection event

19. Enter the Start and End Date, the title of your event, and an optional category if needed

20. Enter the lot code corresponding to the inventory you want to inspect and scroll down to the green +Add Inspection button to begin the inspection

21. Select the inspection template you just created

22. Perform your inspection, checking off the defects as you find them, then press the Done button twice to return to the inspection event dashboard. Your inspection event will now be viewable on the app, and on the Croptracker web dashboard

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