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Report showing one month range of results for Gala apples in a Harvest Class containing sizes for 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 counts and a Harvest Color called ‘Gala (Royal)’. 

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This report produces a table consisting of the Date, Variety, Lot, Units, # of HQV Scans and # of HQV Scan Results.  


Harvest class size columns are presented first and are titled by the size name followed by a percent sign (%).  Size columns show the percentage of the results from HQV scans which match that harvest class size range.  

Harvest class color columns are presented last and are titled by the color name followed by “Dist. ”.  Color columns contain a histogram comparison result which is measured in a lower-is-better “golf” score to indicate the distance from the color being compared.Color columns show the percentage of the results from HQV scans which match that harvest color.  

Please Note: If you are reporting using multiple Harvest Class Sizes where min/max ranges overlap then the total percentage of product reported may exceed 100% as product could match more than one size range.

Report Columns:

    • Date: Shows the date (or dates) that the given inventory lot was harvested.
    • Farm: The Farm/Grower the inventory/scan belongs to
    • Area: The Block/Row this inventory/scan belongs to
    • Tracking Code: The individual inventory tracking codes associated with the harvested lot
    • Variety: The variety (or varieties) contained in the given lot.
    • Lot:The lot code entered into the Harvest Quality Vision event.  If inventory was recorded and scanned through the Harvest module it will instead contain the event tracking code.
    • Units: The number of units recorded for the given lot.\
    • Scans: The number of HQV scans that were evaluated for results.
    • Results: The number of actual fruit detected in the scans
    • .. Size Columns: Harvest Class Size columns from the selected Harvest Class or Harvest Class Size report filters
    • .. Color Columns: Harvest Class Color columns from the selected Harvest Class or Harvest Class Color report filters


Check this option if you would only like to report on inventory that has not been packed, shipped or otherwise utilized.

Group By:

Choose to group the results by either Lot, Variety or Area

Harvest Classes:

Use this option to choose the harvest classes you would like to use as the source for the report size and color columns.  All Harvest Class Size and Harvest Class Colors contained in the given Harvest Class will be added as report columns. Harvest class variety will also be used to limit the size results to the given harvest class variety.


If your harvest classes do not contain varieties you can use this to limit the varieties that are evaluated for results.

Possible Use Cases:

This report is very flexible and can be used in many different ways given different filter options. 

It can be used to match inventory to orders and to make marketing decision based on available inventory and custom harvest classes.

It can be used to make growing and marketing decisions year over year based on ideal harvest classes/yields. 

It can also be used to make storage decisions in order to group like fruit together by harvest classes. 

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