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Harvest class color columns are presented last and are titled by the color name followed by “Dist.”.  Color columns contain a histogram comparison result which is measured in a lower-is-better “golf” score to indicate the distance from the color being compared.

Please Note: If you are reporting using multiple Harvest Class Sizes where min/max ranges overlap then the total percentage of product reported may exceed 100% as product could match more than one size range.

Report Columns:

    • Date: Shows the date (or dates) that the given inventory lot was harvested.
    • Variety: The variety (or varieties) contained in the given lot.
    • Lot:The lot code entered into the Harvest Quality Vision event.  If inventory was recorded and scanned through the Harvest module it will instead contain the event tracking code.
    • Units: The number of units recorded for the given lot.
    • Scans: The number of HQV scans that were evaluated for results.
    • Results:
    • .. Size Columns: Harvest Class Size columns from the selected Harvest Class or Harvest Class Size report filters
    • .. Color Columns: Harvest Class Color columns from the selected Harvest Class or Harvest Class Color report filters