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Before you begin: One-time calibration

Before a new sensor can be used, it must be calibrated using the "Structor Sensor Calibrator" available on the iOS App store from the following link:

Once installed launch the calibrator app and follow the on-screen instructions and tutorial to align the iPad camera with the sensor; calibration data will be saved to the sensor for future use.

Note: If your scan results are having alignment problems  you may want to retry the calibration.

Step 1: Record Harvest Information

  1. From the iOS application, navigate to the Harvest Events
  2. Tap the ( + ) button to add a new event
  3. Enter event details and save
  4. Record a Harvest Input, enter details and save.

Step 2: Choose the Harvest Input to scan

Navigate to the "Inputs" list of the Harvest Event created in Step 1, and choose the down-arrow widget beside the input you would like to scan and tap "Take HQV Scan":


Step 3: Perform the scan

After choosing 'Take HQV Scan' from the desired input the scanning interface will load:


When you're satisfied with the results choose the 'Save' button in the top right and the scan will be immediately uploaded the the Croptracker servers for processing.

Step 5: Review scan results online

After a scan has been uploaded the Croptracker servers will then process it online.  When finished you can review the results of the scans by going to the 'Harvest' menu and choosing 'Harvest Quality Vision Scans'.   

Dependent on the size of the scan and currently available processing resources in the cloud the results can take several minutes to complete.

Known Issues:

Here are some of the known issues encountered during early trials: