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    • Date: Shows the date (or dates) that the given inventory lot was harvested.
    • Farm: The Farm/Grower the inventory/scan belongs to
    • Area: The Block/Row this inventory/scan belongs to
    • Lot code: The lot code entered into the Harvest Quality Vision event.  If inventory was recorded and scanned through the Harvest module it will instead contain the event tracking code.
    • Tracking Code: The individual inventory tracking codes associated with the harvested lot
    • Category: the event category column displays the categories that were selected for the harvest quality event. If they check the expand categories option (tickbox), then each category will appear in its own column. Otherwise, they will be separated by commas in one column. This column only appears if you decide to fill it out.
    • Variety: The variety (or varieties) contained in the given lot.
    • Units: The number of units recorded for the given lot.\
    • Scans: The number of HQV scans that were evaluated for results.
    • Results: The number of actual fruit detected in the scans
        • Size Columns: Harvest Class Size columns from the selected Harvest Class or Harvest Class Size report filters
        .. Color
        •  Color Columns: Harvest Class Color columns from the selected Harvest Class or Harvest Class Color report filters

    Report Filters:

    Date Range: