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These instructions will go over how to fill out a spreadsheet with explain the best practices for submitting your growing area information for sending to Croptracker to bulk upload your growing areas. Generally this process is used my for the purposes of bulk uploading setup data. You will need to create an Excel spreadsheet file for this information submission, of which a template is available below.

Generally, this is a process used by large scale Harvest Quality Vision customers, who have


hundreds of growing areas to input.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the spreadsheet template from Croptracker attached here: Croptracker_Farm_Import_Spreadsheet_Data Collection.xls

  2. Create your own spreadsheet using your own growing area information in the style of the spreadsheet. (
    Note: for use with HQV, the only mandatory columns are the starred one and if the ones flagged with a star ( * ). If the growing area size data is not available, it can be left blank.)

  3. Return the spreadsheet to your Croptracker contact for bulk upload.

  4. Review upload when complete and let your Croptracker contact know of any corrections Optionally corrections.

  5. (Optional) If you'd like, add additional mapping information or map outlines yourself following the steps in this video.


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