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The punch clock admin system provides a powerful interface for manually adjusting, adding and removing punch clock entries for employees.

  1. Under the Punch Clock menu at the top of the screen, select Punch Clock Admin from the drop down menu.
  2. From the Punch Clock Admin you can:
    1. Filter the date range, activity, category and employees of work logs to display
    2. Select one or more employees and Adjust their Punch-In and Punch-Out time
    3. Select one or more employees and insert a Break
    4. Add Record for new Punch-In and Punch-Outs
    5. Delete existing Punch-In and Punch-Out records
  3. While editing or creating a work log you can:
    1. Change the Start / End time
    2. Choose the related Equipment, Activities, Blocks and Category
    3. Indicate the work log is for Piecework
    4. Review current harvest pieces and Delete or Remove Employee from a harvest piece

Bulk Editing

  • Use the Date, Activity, Category, Employee, and Workcrew filters to produce a list of worklogs you're interested in
  • To manage an individual worklog simply use the controls in the far right column.
  • To manage multiple worklogs, use the checkboxes in the far left column to check off worklogs you want manage - checking the top left checkbox will select all on the visible page.
    • Tips:
    • Click on a column header to sort by that column. 
    • Holding shift while clicking allows sorting by multiple columns. 
    • Use the "Show 100 entries" option from the dropdown to check off more at once.
  • After you've selected your worklogs, use the Delete Selected, Adjust Selected, or Add Break buttons above the filters.
  • If you're Adjusting, check off the fields you'd like to change in the dialogue window that appears. Fields left unchecked will remain unchanged.