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This article describes how to print individual and reusable master tags.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Under the Packing menu, select Master Styles.
  2. Find your desired Master Style in the list. Click the dropdown arrow next to the View button in that row and select either Print Tags or Print Reusable Tag, depending on your workflow.
  3. Enter a pack date (or leave it blank - this will leave an empty box on the tag where you can hand-write the date if desired).
  4. Enter the number of tags you would like to print, and select a tag format.
  5. If Use Product from Pallet is checked, the masters created when these tags are scanned will be assigned the product of the pallet they're being packed on. If you want to print different batches of tags for different products, uncheck this box and select a specific product.
  6. Click the Print button. The tags will be generated and your browser will bring you to a preview page. Click the print button (should be in the top right corner in Chrome and Firefox - some browsers may be different) and select your label printer.