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This article will explain how to calibrate your Structure Sensor Camera for Harvest Quality Vision

Calibration Tips

You will need to go outside or be near a window with bright light in order to calibrate your camera properly. You may need to calibrate your camera again as you use it if the lighting conditions change.

The Calibration App is a third party app, and may rarely freeze or crash on your iPad. You may need to re open the app or reconnect your camera if it gets stuck. We recommend watching the help video it prompts you to and to go slowly through the steps. If you have trouble, please feel free to contact us at Croptracker and we can walk you through it. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Once your camera is hooked up to the iPad, open the Structure Sensor Calibrator app
    1. If your structure sensor isn't connecting, try unplugging it and reconnecting it to the iPad
  2. Make sure you are in a well lit area, near a window or outside
  3. Tap the blue recalibrate button, and then the start button
    1. Your iPad screen will be split into two sections, half of the screen showing a greyscale image, and the other showing a standard color image.

  4. Slowly move the ipad around a small area, pausing every few seconds to allow the camera to capture the image. For best results try to find an area with a more complicated scene for the camera to pick up

    1. Your goal here is to find a complex scene that is high enough in contrast that it appears well in both screens

    2. Make sure you are pausing often to allow the camera to collect enough data from the scene
  5. Once it has gathered enough data points, it will prompt you to refine the calibration If it is your first time calibrating, please complete the tutorial when the app prompts you
  6. Dragging your finger on the screen, try to line up the mask with image edges - we recommend calibrating on something like a chair that has clear lines, and right angles.
  7. When you are satisfied with your calibration, tap the save calibration data button and wait while the sensor calibrates. You can now exit the calibration app and begin scanning with HQV

Video Instructions: