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Harvest Class Sizes provide named size ranges for use when creating Harvest Classes.  A Harvest Class is based on a size class and a colour class.

Class Sizes are used for automatically classifying Harvest Quality Vision scans for reporting and quality assurance purposes.

Multiple Harvest Class Size ranges can also be applied to a single Harvest Class to allow for quick reporting of consolidated ranges. 

Harvest Class Sizes are applied such that the product matched will be Equal or Greater than the Minimum and Less than but Not Equal to the Maximum.

Please Note: If you are reporting using multiple Harvest Class Sizes where min/max ranges overlap then the total percentage of product reported may exceed 100% as product could match more than one size range.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click Harvest Classes from the Harvest menu:

  2. Click Harvest Sizes from the menu on the left side:

  3. Click the + Add Size button in the upper-right:

  4. Enter the Name, Description and Minimum and Maximum size range. We recommend including the variety name in the name and descriptions, as different varieties will have different size ranges relative to their counts. Add as many size classes as you need for the varieties you will be scanning.

    1. Size Name: This name is displayed on reports and selection lists when referring to this harvest class size. (Often users will use the 'carton count' as the size name.)
    2. Size Description: This is an internal description not displayed anywhere else.
    3. Size Min (mm): The minimum size represented by this class.  The minimum size is inclusive,  so a matched value must be Equal or Greater than the minimum.
    4. Size Maximum (mm): The maximum size represented by this class.  The maximum size is not inclusive so a matched value must be Less than but not equal to the maximum.
  5. When finished click Save.