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Step-by-step guide

To Run Harvest Quality Vision Class Size Report

  1. From the Dashboard, select Reports from the top menu bar
  2. Select Harvest Quality Vision Class Size Report from the list by scrolling or using the search bar
  3. On the left side of the screen, select the Chart Type using the second drop down menu
  4. Filter your results using the Date, Harvest Classes, Varieties, Areas


This report provides a brief visual overview of HQV results classified by size within a given date range with optional selection of variety and area.

Harvest vision class size report tallies the number of HQV results (apples) which match the size ranges defined within the selected harvest classes.

There is no submit button; but selecting options please wait a moment to allow the chart to refresh.

Please Note: If you are reporting using multiple Harvest Class Sizes where min/max ranges overlap then the total percentage of product reported may exceed 100% as product could match more than one size range.


One month date range and a single class selected containing several count ranges for Royal Gala apples.

X-Axis displays the sizes within the selected classes.  Each size is represented on the Y-Axis with the percentage of results (i.e. HQV detected apples) matched vs. total number of results scanned for the selected time period. 


Date Range:

Select the active date range you would like to display on the chart.

Chart Type:

The chart types will allow you to divide the class results by additional criteria.  

  • By Class:
    • Provides a simple class-based total for all results.
  • By Variety:
    • Provides class based results broken-down by variety.  This is useful if you have not already defined varieties for your harvest classes.
  • By Area:
    • Graph will be divided by individual growing areas where the product was harvested.

Harvest Classes:

Use this option to choose the harvest classes you would like to display sizes for.

Expand Class Sizes:

By default the class sizes will be expanded so that each size has its own result tallied.  If you would like to combine the results for a single total per-class you can deselect the “Expand class sizes” option. 


If your harvest classes do not contain varieties you can use this to limit the varieties that the harvest class sizes are evaluated for.


If you would like to limit the results to a specific area of your farm use this drop-down to select the areas you would like to use.

Automatic Refresh:

If automatic refresh is selected the graph will be periodically updated.  This is useful if you wish to keep an up-to-date total displayed on a monitor for at-a-glance results.

Possible Use Cases:

This report can be useful to have running on automatic refresh through out the day if you would like to monitor the sizes of fruit being received/scanned.

It can be used to course correct pickers if being used in the orchard or a pack shed/receiving bay near an orchard.

It can give a good idea of the size ranges you have available for inventory, storage and sales decision making.

It can also be used to get a clear picture of your average sizes compared season over season, or area by area. This can be useful in long term decision making about how to treat, manage or change growing areas.