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This article describes how to complete some one-time setup items before being able use Croptracker's Field Packing system.

Note: Croptracker supports a few different workflows for field packing, each catering to different types of operations. Read more about these workflows here before getting started.

  1. On the Croptracker website under the Packing menu, select Master Styles.
  2. Switch between the Product and Master Styles lists and add any missing Products and their associated Styles
  3. Once you've added some styles, you can then create a Pay Schedule and define piece rates for each of your Products & Styles
  4. Add your employees to Croptracker, making sure to select the Pay Schedule you just created
  5. If you're doing a Detailed or Streamlined Field Pack workflow, ensure your employees have employee numbers, then print off some employee badges
  6. Finally, you're ready to print off master tags. Whether you print a normal or reusable master tag depends on your workflow (read about the different Field Pack workflows here), but the process for printing them is the same. See How to Print Master Tags for more information.

You're now ready to Field Pack! Click here to learn how to Field Pack using the iOS Croptracker app, or here using the Android Croptracker app.