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This article describes how to use Croptracker's Field Pack and Punch Clock systems to efficiently record and pay employees for piece work.

  1. Ensure you've read and understand the Field Pack Knowledge Base articles.
  2. After all setup is complete and a Field Pack event is created, use the punch clock to Bulk Punch the employees who are picking.
    1. Important: Ensure you select "Flag as piece work" when bulk punching in.
  3. When the employees switch blocks, use the punch clock's Bulk Switch Activities and select the new block. Again, ensure you select the "Piecemeal Harvest" activity.
  4. When finished picking, it's important to close out the current punch record. This can be done by using the punch clock's Bulk Switch Activities or Bulk Punch Out.

Piecemeal Reporting

With the data recorded from Field Packing and the punch records recorded from the Punch Clock, Croptracker can calculate employee payouts while ensuring each employee makes at least minimum wage. For each employee punch record, the reports calculate how much the employee would make if they were solely paid minimum wage vs. how much they would make if they were paid solely off pieces picked during that punch, and chooses the higher value.

Harvest Piecemeal Pay Report:

  • Found in the report list, accessible from the Reports menu in the top navigation bar.
  • This report provides a very detailed view of the data recorded and results of calculations made. 
  • Below the summary table, each employee has a table detailing their punch records, how many masters were picked during those punches, the payout for those pieces, the minimum wage payout, and a total payout for the specified date range.
  • Orphaned masters:
    • A master is considered "orphaned" if it was picked outside of a punch record, or if the employee's Pay Schedule doesn't have a piece rate defined for the master's Product & Style.
    • Typically, orphaned masters are due to forgetting to punch certain employees in. For example, if a group of 50 pickers were picking from 7am - 11am but John wasn't punched in, any masters he picked between those times would be considered orphaned.
    • The resolution is normally to manually add the employee's missing punch record via the Punch Clock Admin.
  • Note: this report can be intensive to calculate and process with many employees and may take awhile to load – Try shortening the date range if you're experiencing long load times.

Picker Productivity Report:

  • Found under the Harvest or Punch Clock menu in the top navigation bar.
  • This report displays the total pieces picked and total piece payouts for each employee for the specified date range.
    • Note: This report does not take hours worked into account
  • Useful for comparing pickers, and has product/style filters to help determining yields.