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The general idea behind Field Packing is that each physical master unit is associated with an employee (and by extension, a piece rate), a block, and a time. This article will describe three different Field Pack workflows that track these data points to different degrees of accuracy.

Detailed Field Pack

This method of Field Packing involves printing and affixing unique, scannable labels onto each empty master box beforehand. The in-field workflow is as follows: a picker will bring each master they pick to the "checkout wagon" (i.e. crew manager with a phone or tablet) and the master's QR code and the employee's badge are both scanned. When the manager taps Save on the app, Croptracker records who picked this exact master, when they picked it, and from which block it came.


  • Maximum traceability
  • Who picked each physical box (each master is uniquely identifiable, meaning we know who picked it)
  • When it was picked
  • Which block it came from


  • Most amount of setup
  • Must print individual labels and affix them to each box

Streamlined Field Pack

This method of Field Packing is similar to the Detailed Field Pack, the main difference is that you don't have to print and affix unique labels onto each empty master box. Instead, you'll print off a couple reusable master tags and give one to each crew manager (or whoever has the phone/tablet). The in-field workflow is the same as the Detailed Field Pack except, after scanning the employee's badge, instead of scanning a tag from the master itself, the manager will only have to scan the reusable tag then tap Save. (Note: the phone operator only has to scan the reusable tag once - the app will recognize that it's a reusable tag and keep it populated in the "master tag" field until a different tag is scanned). Croptracker will record that this employee picked a master of this type, at this time, from this block. The difference here is that you won't be able to grab a master from a pile at random and know who picked it, which block it came from, or when it was picked. 


  • Decent traceability
  • Simpler setup - only need to print off a few tags one time
  • How many masters each employee picked, of what style, when, and which blocks they came from


  • No master↔employee traceability - each master cannot be uniquely identified

Bulk Checkout Field Pack

This method of Field Packing doesn't have to be done in real-time and requires the least amount of setup - no employee badge or master tag printing is required. Simply select a product, style, employee, and block from the dropdowns, enter a number of masters, and tap Save. Croptracker will generate masters with the selected properties and attribute them to the employee with a picked time of "now".


  • Least amount of setup - no employee badge or master tag printing required
  • Can still know how many masters each employee picked and which block(s) the masters came from


  • Least traceability - all masters will be created at the same time, won't know exact picking times
  • No master↔employee traceability - each master cannot be uniquely identified

Once you've decided which workflow best fits your operation, click here to start getting setup.