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How to Add Employees

Adding employees to the system is quick and easy - it allows you to assign work, track time on tasks, and generate detailed reports for payroll or other costing analysis.

How to Generate Employee Numbers

Croptracker uses the employee's Employee Number to generate a scannable QR code, meaning only employees with an employee number can have badges printed. This article describes how to generate unique employee numbers.

How to Print Employee Badges

This article describes how to print scannable, Croptracker employee badges.

How to Define Hourly Wages & Piecemeal Rates

Croptracker categorizes anything related to employee payments (such as hourly wage, minimum wage, and piece rates) into a Pay Schedule. This article describes how to add and manage Pay Schedules.

How to Associate Employees With Piecemeal Rates

This article describes how to tell Croptracker which employees should be paid which hourly/piece rates, for use in piecemeal fieldpacking.

How to Assign Employees to Work Crews

This article describes how to change which work crew an employee is in.

Employee Statuses

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