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This article will outline setting up piece rates for piecemeal payouts.

If this is your first time setting up an employee and a piece rate, you'll need to follow the set-up steps outlined in our Setting Up the Punch Clock Module tutorial video below.

Step-by-step guide

Creating a Piece-rate

  1. From the Dashboard navigate to Punch Clock→Piece Rates  

  2. Select the blue +Add Piece Rate button to open the piece rate window
  3. Enter the name, default rate, and the unit that your employees will be paid by

    A piece rate's unit MUST match the unit they will be harvesting by in a harvest event. If you are paying piece rate for different units depending on the harvest (for example bins vs 1-litre baskets) you will need to create a piece rate for each of these units.

  4. Select the activities that you want this piece rate to be associated with

    For a piece rate to show up in a harvest event, the rate's activities MUST include "Piecemeal Harvest".

    For a piece rate to show up in a production practice event, the rate's activities MUST match the activity that will be performed.

  5. Save your piece-rate by clicking the blue Submit button